TransWork and Your Company

It’s not just good citizenship, it’s good business.

Our newly launched project is designed to connect job seekers in the transgender community to a network of supportive employers in the Greater Philadelphia region. The transgender community has talented and earnest potential employees who might help you fill vacancies in this tight labor market.

We can help you:

  • Recruit talent by posting jobs in our network to attract transgender applicants and review resumes
  • Become a trans-competent workplace
  • Help other businesses become trans-competent, serve as a shining example and testimonial
  • Support the Independence Business Alliance by becoming a member and creating opportunities to network your business

Our project is the first in the nation to house a jobs program for the transgender community within a chamber of commerce. You have a unique opportunity to join this first-of-its-kind effort on the ground floor, positioning your company as a trans-supportive employer at a time when our rights are under attack.  Research indicates that diverse and inclusive companies are higher-performing.  It’s not just good citizenship, it’s good business.

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