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The TransWork program is currently under development, with initial activities and pilot projects to help inform design.  We've done a lot so far:

  • Conducted over one year of Research and Design, focused primarily on the jobs program.
  • Convened Advisory Group twice to provide initial input and review our employment model.
  • Held focus groups with community members, businesses, HR professionals, nonprofit and community service providers.
  • Completed Program Design for Jobs Program and Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Held an the first participant Job Prep Workshop around resume preparation, how to find trans-friendly employers, employment rights, and mock interviews.
  • Began participant recruitment, including exhibiting at 2017 and 2018 Trans-Wellness Conferences.
  • Launched the Entrepreneurship Program.

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We are actively recruiting employers, participants, and nonprofit service providers to help us build the program. We are also looking for partners to help raise awareness about the program and connect us to resources.

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