Interview Them Back!

Questions to Evaluate an Employer's Trans-Competency

Provided by TransWork and the Independence Business Alliance, with special thanks to Mars Sharrock of the Wardrobe 

Below is a suggested list of interview questions for trans and nonbinary job seekers. This is an ever-growing list of possible questions to ask your interviewer to gauge if this is a trans-friendly workplace or a good fit for you. You know what is safest and best for you, there is no right or wrong answer, pick and choose whichever of these questions feels right.


  • Is this organization an IBA member? 
  • Has this organization ever hired a transgender person before? 
  • Do you have trans customers or clients? How are they treated? 
  • Is there an LGBTQ+ or trans-specific employee group? 
    • If not, would you be open to having one?

Personnel Policies

  • Is there a responsive HR department? 
  • Who do I go to if someone is disrespectful of my name/ pronouns/ gender/ etc?
    • Is there a formal process in place for these kinds of complaints? 
  • Has the staff engaged in meaningful training in regard to LGBTQ competencies?
  • Will I be allowed to go by a name of my choosing, as opposed to the name on my ID? 
  • Have you had someone transition (and/or change their name, gender marker, pronoun) on the job?  How was this change received by HR and/or coworkers?
  • What is the dress code, will I be able to wear clothing/ pins/ etc that matches my gender? 
  • If hired, how will my hiring be announced? Will HR send an email with my name, pronouns, etc with my input or will I be expected to come out to everyone individually?
  • Will my discretion be respected? 


  • Does this job offer healthcare benefits? 
  • Do these healthcare benefits cover gender-affirming surgeries, hormones, medications, etc. 


  • Is there a gender-neutral or single stall bathroom available? 
  • What are the bathroom policies in this building? 
  • Will I need an access code or key to get into the bathroom I need to use?

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