Manager of Holding A Sister Initiative

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Grantmakers for Girls of Color

Status:Full Time/Exempt
Location:Brooklyn, NY/Remote
Reports to:Vice President of Programs and Operations

About Grantmakers for Girls of Color
Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) envisions a world in which all girls*,
femmes, and gender-expansive youth of color are healthy, safe and thriving,
and where they are fully empowered to pursue their dreams and shape their
desired reality on their terms, free from all structural barriers created by
racism, sexism, ageism, and other forms of oppression. G4GC works to amplify
and mobilize resources to support transformative organizing work led by and
centering girls and gender-expansive youth of color, through grantmaking and
research, and by supporting a growing community of funders who are actively
working on or interested in efforts to address the structural inequities
facing girls of color. We recognize that girls of color hold particular
vulnerabilities because of their age and other intersecting identities; and
yet they also hold immense power to drive transformation. At the same time,
girls of color are often invisible across funding priorities, efforts to
address policy change, and in systems and programming. We believe that
investing in building the power of girls and responding to their
vulnerabilities is critical to creating meaningful change with and for them,
their communities, and this country. [2]

About the Black Trans Fund
The Black Trans Fund (BTF) is the first national fund in the country
dedicated to uplifing and resourcing joy and liberation in Black transgender,
gender-expansive, and non-binary communities. The BTF seeks to change culture
through its grantmaking, capacity building and philanthropic organizing by
shining the narrative about Black trans communities towards more joy and
resilience, and away from violence and despair. BTF’s primary activities
include grantmaking, capacity building and philanthropic organizing. Informed
by careful national field analysis of the landscape of Black trans movement
work, BTF grantmaking challenges long-standing barriers that Black trans
people have faced in obtaining funding, such as discriminatory due diligence
and vetting practices that exclude many Black trans-led groups. Black Trans
Fund builds capacity with grantees by using data collected during field
analysis to develop capacity building infrastructures to support Black
transpower-building, strengthen their collective organizing muscle, and
advance liberatory practices for Black trans2G4GC defines “girls of
Color” as any cis, trans,gender-expansive, non-binary and/or any girl or
femme-identified person age 25 and younger who identifies as Black,
Indigenous, Latina, Asian, Arab, Pacific Islander, and/or other People of
Color. BTF builds the grantmaking muscles of BTF advisors by conducting
grantmaking trainings rooted in cultural competency cultivated by deep
relationships within Black trans communities. BTF also organizes within
foundation spaces to unlock more resources for Black trans-led work and by
training and building the capacity of Black trans people to increase the
visibility of Black trans grantmakers in the philanthropic sector. [3]

About this Position
The Manager of the Holding a Sister Initiative will lead the visioning,
creation, and implementation of the Holding a Sister Initiative, a
partnership between Grantmakers for Girls of Color and the Black Trans Fund
at Groundswell Fund to mobilize resources for work that centers and is led by
trans girls of color, and to create a container for critical dialogue and
movement building to advance justice for trans girls of color. Reporting to
the Vice President of Programs and Operations at G4GC, the Manager of the
Holding a Sister Initiative will manage all grantmaking in this portfolio,
support skill-building and network-building among grantee partners, and
support research and communications efforts to elevate narratives and
strategies that center, and are led by, trans girls of color. In partnership
with Black Trans Fund, the Manager of the Holding a Sister Initiative will
identify opportunities to engage donors in reimagining an intersectional
philanthropic practice that centers trans girls of color. In tandem with the
G4GC team, the Manager of the Holding a Sister Initiative will develop
programming that centers, honors,and supports the leadership and wisdom of
trans girls of color through participatory research, grantmaking,strategy,
and content creation. The Manager of the Holding a Sister Initiative will
have a passion for improving outcomes and expanding opportunities for all
girls of color. They will exhibit a strong connection to our diverse
community and will have the skills and enthusiasm to provide support to our
broader community of activists and grantmakers. The Manager of the Holding a
Sister Initiative will share a commitment to G4GC’s mission and shared
values of authenticity, accountability, urgency and a results orientation,
inclusivity, transformation, embracing freedom and creativity, and motivated
by love.

Key Responsibilities
Grantmaking + Development:
●Design and implement the grantmaking structure and processes, including
participatory grantmaking methods in partnership with G4GC staff, Black Trans
Fund, and trans girls of color.
●Determine Holding a Sister Initiative funding priorities in partnership
with trans girls of color, Black Trans Fund, and G4GC Leadership Team.
●Develop strong, trust-based working relationships with grantees, and
understand strategic priorities and initiatives.
●Support Vice President of Programs and Operation, and Sr. Director of
Strategic Partnerships in developing a donor organizing strategy that will
leverage this fund to increase philanthropic support for organizations that
are led by, center, and support trans girls and young women of color.

Organizational Development + Communications:
●Partner with grantees and G4GC staff to understand organizational and
capacity needs.
●Coach and/or provide skill-building and networking-building opportunities
and other resources to grantees.
●Partner with G4GC staff to facilitate relationship-building opportunities
between grantees of Holding a Sister Initiative and other grantees in the
G4GC network.
●Build a digital platform of resources highlighting best practices,
political education, and other resources to help funders and movement leaders
better show up for trans girls of color.

Research and Learning:
●Partner with the Research Team to support participatory research efforts
that fill the data gaps about howto best support trans girls of color and
their collective well being and power.
●Lead and facilitate learning opportunities among grantees, donors, and
other stakeholders.REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS●Close proximity to diverse
communities of trans girls of color.
●At least 3 years of experience working with and on behalf of trans girls
of color.
●A keen understanding of the needs of trans girls of color and the
organizations that serve them.
●Expertise as a strong relationship builder who has experience working with
trans youth.
●Experience as a A strategic thinker who can help us design participatory
structures and processes and research projects that engage trans girls of
color in decision-making about the fund structure and design.
●Commitment to intersectional feminist values.
●Agility and ability to quickly course-correct in changing or complicated
political environments and communities, both internally and
externally.●Strong written and verbal communication skills.
●Discretion and confidentiality.
●Proficiency in English

Preferred Qualifications
●At least 3 years of experience working in the non-profit or philanthropy
●Understanding of organizational development needs within organizations
serving trans girls of color.
●Knowledge of participatory grantmaking + research processes.
●Commitment to healing justice and wellness as a practice.
●Proficiency in additional languages (like Spanish) is encouraged.

About Compensation and Benefits
The salary range for this position is $85,000 to $95,000 yearly, commensurate
with experience, plus a competitive benefits package that includes health
coverage, retirement benefits, paid sick leave, vacation and holidays,tuition
reimbursement, and access to professional development resources.

How to Apply

To apply, please email a cover letter, résumé, and a list of three
references with the subject line: “Holding a Sister Initiative Manager”
to: Email applications are required,
and one combined PDF file is preferred. Note that application review begins
immediately and candidates will be notified in advance of any outreach to
references. Position open until filled.

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