Finding Affirming, Inclusive, and Safe Employers

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Resources for Job Seekers

Resources for identifying employers who will support, include, and affirm you:

  1. For local opportunities in the Philadelphia region from social impact organizations: 
  2. For a list of positions in the philanthropic sector: Funders for LGBTQ Issues.
  3. For a job board of social justice focused positions that allows you to sort not only by region but by focus issue, including LGBTQ+ issues, 

Once you have found a potential employer, it can be valuable to research their company policies and the local laws of the jurisdiction where they are located. Specifically, we recommend looking for locales with protections specifically for gender identity, and employers to have an EEO policy that includes gender identity, statements on inclusion, and an LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group. 

  • You can find a list of cities with existing protections HERE!
  • And you can search for specific companies HERE!
  • There are many larger corporations which have partnered with local LGBTQ+ Chambers of Commerce, as well as the National Chamber, and you can find a list of these companies HERE!
  • You can also find allied employers by searching through the directories of the Sustainable Business Network and Certified B Corporations

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