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Kate Strathmann

A successful team member in this position will use their skill at communication, organization, and their enthusiasm for keeping track of all myriad of moving parts to ensure that our clients and team are well cared for and processes are working smoothly. You will hold the macro view of our systems and processes, as well as noticing when the small things and day-to-day need attention. This is a dual management and execution role, requiring skill at both.

Your work will supports our team's mission of helping leaders approach their businesses in new ways that create a more vibrant, equitable, and compassionate world.

Key Responsibilities:
Own and provide impeccable client care by coordinating prospect/new client process for all clients: working with Director to send and track proposals, managing our recurring payment system (and occasional additional billing), and ensuring that all new clients have what they need in a timely manner.
Act as “concierge” for new clients -- respond to questions, send follow up resources, do some “air traffic control” and scheduling; support feedback/testimonial gathering and follow up, ensuring new clients receive all necessary information and documents.
Lead support to the team in managing systems and apps; spearhead suggesting and creating improvements as needed.
Ensure all contact lists and client information are regularly updated and accurate (eg, email newsletter lists and tags; etc…); we love sending snail mail.
Independently manage schedule and workload, proactively keeping up with our internal processes to ensure our whole team is on the same page.
Track our success metrics.

Skills & Qualifications
You have exceptional communication skills, whether in writing, in person, or over the phone/video, and you truly love helping and working with people. You occasionally frighten people with your attention to detail and organizational abilities. You have strong task management skills, and demonstrated ability to prioritize & execute with little supervision. You are adept at spotting problems before anyone else. You are resourceful and have an aptitude for solving problems proactively and autonomously, while having the awareness to know when you need help. You value transparency, experimentation, and growth, continuously seeking to evolve both personally and in your work life. You feel masterful when it comes to identifying opportunities and creating solutions to improve our customer service and internal systems & processes. You are someone who jumps to get things done without being asked. We manage work and processes primarily via Google Suite and Notion, with a whole host of other apps. While we do not expect candidates to have experience with all of our applications and technology, candidates should demonstrate ability to learn and adapt to new technology quickly.

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, please upload a resume, cover letter, and three references* as a single PDF and provide answers to the screening questions using the application form on our website.