A group of five standing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of a drop-down projection screen. It is the presenters from TransWork, the IBA, OUT Georgia, and TGX360. They are dressed in business casual clothing, and on the screen there is text reading "Building Transgender Employment and Entrepreneurship Programs"

TransWork Co-Hosts a Breakout Session at the 2023 NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference

TransWork and Independence Business Alliance staff were joined by OUT Georgia Business Alliance and TGX360 for a session on Building Trans Economic Employment and Entrepreneurship Programs, at the 2023 NGLCC International Business and Leadership Conference! Together, we spoke to a full room about our program histories, the lessons we have learned, and discussed action items that people can take to their own organizations. 

Looking back on the Conference as a whole, it was such an amazing opportunity to learn, connect, and think about how our organization can continue to grow and evolve so that we best serve our community! Thank you to all who were involved with organizing the Conference, everyone who attended our session and participated so enthusiastically, and the amazing LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and Chamber Leaders who are so committed to intentionally doing the work towards economic justice. It was truly so inspiring to meet so many of you there, and we are so grateful for everyone’s time and energy. If we weren’t able to connect with you at this event we hope to see you at a ConnX or TransWork event soon, and please feel free to reach out to transwork@thinkiba.com!

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